Day 37. Rice and crawfish.

Last night at dinner one of my fellow riders convinced me today would be a good day for both of us to take the van. The distance from Lake Charles to Lafayette is 87 miles, and the antibiotics are still bothering me. During the night I could hear heavy rain falling, reinforcing my decision to stay off the bike.

I had several companions in the van. Some needed a day off after yesterday, others don’t like to ride in the rain, and still others are gathering strength for another really long day tomorrow.

Although my view of the Louisiana countryside was through the van’s windows (no pictures) it was still interesting. We passed field after flooded field. With a little help from our guides we realized some of the fields were rice paddies, and some were for growing crawfish.  We drove through the town of Crowley, the Rice Capitol of America. Lots of beautiful old homes there. We also passed several flooded yards and had to drive through lots of water on the road.

Lafayette is a much larger city than I realized. We usually stay on the east side of town, so we passed a lot of new construction, much of it in the style of French country manor houses or small chateaus.

Just as we were about to arrive at our hotel, we passed a thing of beauty: a Starbucks. I had a Venti size iced coffee to make up for lost time.


About theroadrashwriter

I am a 65 year old retired nurse educator, and writer. An avid bicycling enthusiastic I have long wanted to do a distance ride. So from March to May 2013 I'll be riding across the U.S. on a bike together with 30 other women. Training for the ride seems like a full time job these days. In the rest of my time I am working a book about my year as an Army Nurse in Vietnam that will be published in May 2013. I also enjoy knitting and singing.
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One Response to Day 37. Rice and crawfish.

  1. Barb W.W. says:

    I hope you are feeling better, my friend! You are certainly made of strong stuff. But I already knew that. Have a great week. Much love to you, Barb W.W.

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